How to Choose a Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Marketing Agency

Mar 5, 2019

Your company is at the stage where it’s ready to take that next step to show off what it can do. It’s a critical moment, so you want to make sure that you do it correctly. To do so you’re going to need to partner with the right people to properly market your company’s capabilities and vision. So, do you know how to choose a marketing agency that is right for you? With so many marketing agencies around there are tons of choices – how do you find an agency who will give you the support you need? Let’s look at the best ways to decide on how to choose a marketing agency that best fits you and your business.

List Your Marketing Objectives and Requirements

Before you go off to meet with any marketing agencies you should understand what your marketing objective is. What results do you want to get from your marketing? Are you looking to increase traffic or sales on your website? Is it help with branding? This clear goal is crucial because based on your objective, you will decide what marketing services your business requires. Identifying your marketing objective and requirements will give you direction when searching for an agency that fits your company needs. Below is a list of marketing services that agencies provide to help companies reach their goals:

  • Website Strategy, Design and Development
  • Blogging and Content Creation
  • Videography and Photography
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising (Pay-per-click, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • Traditional Advertising (Magazines, Newspapers, Public Relations, etc.)

What Kind of Agency Do You Need?

Now that you understand your goal and what services you require, you should focus on discovering which type of agency will best suit the marketing requirements you have selected. Each agency is different and offers its own domain(s) of expertise. Evaluating and deciding which type to choose should be based on which type best fits the needs of your company. Below is a list of how to differentiate between types of agencies:

General vs Specialized Services

If your needs reach across different areas i.e. SEO and web design, it’s wise to opt for an agency that can provide a large scope of services. Likewise, if you are looking for one service in particular an agency that specializes in that service might fit your needs better.

Global VS Local

If you are looking to gain exposure in multiple countries around the world, an agency with global reach will fill that void. An agency with a local reach will be more invested in the local market.

Creative VS Industry Niche

Are you wanting go against the industry norm and differentiate yourself from your competitors? An agency that focuses on creativity will help you think outside the box. Going with an agency that specializes in your niche will be able to provide insight into your specific industry.

Large VS Boutique

If you are looking to work directly with the creative director and hash out every detail, it’d be in your best interest to choose a smaller boutique agency. A large agency may not give you as much tailored attention but their extensive network of global partnerships can be handy.

Narrowing It Down

Check Out Their Reviews and Online Presence

Use all the resources at your disposal to research the marketing agencies you’re considering. See what other people are saying about the agencies you’re considering. Talk to people who have worked with them, you can even ask the agency to provide a couple client details to reach out to and ask about the agency. There’s a ton of information available online through testimonials and ratings. An agency’s reviews and online presence will give you a good indication of what it’s like to work with them and the standard of work they’re able to produce. Check for awards, certifications, press coverage, and anything that can help you gain perspective on the reputation of these agencies.

Look at Their Case Studies

Get a deeper look at some of the agency’s work and assess if it fits your marketing objectives and your company’s vision. Take a look at their past work through case studies on their website to get a clear example of the quality of work that they are capable of. Feel free to contact them for examples of case work if they don’t have anything available online.

Get in Contact with Agencies

Once you have found any potential matches, reach out to the agencies and give them a clear description of your marketing objectives and requirements. You want potential agencies to fully understand your marketing needs before moving forward. Some things to include in your initial reach out are:

  • Business and brand background and positioning
  • Summary of desired work and objectives (include any special expectations and considerations)
  • Details on targeted consumers (and customers and/or distribution and retail systems if appropriate)
  • Budget
  • Timelines for responding to the brief and for the program
  • Contact details for any clarification or discussion

Meet The Team

Finally the last step to figuring out how to choose a marketing agency. Meet the faces behind the agency. Ask yourself, does your team get along? Can you communicate with them? Do they meet your values and support the vision that you have for your company? You should be taking a detailed look at the marketing team that is assigned to your account as the human factor will play a huge part in your marketing success. These people are an extension of your company so be sure that they carry same passion for your company’s success that you have.


Now that you have an understanding of how to choose a marketing agency, you can confidently make the decision to find the agency that best suits your marketing needs.

Let’s get started!