Rebranding New Wave

Rebranding New Wave

Mar 9, 2019

Are you sick of your brand? Feeling uninspired with your business? Rebranding is a great way to freshen things up and give your business the kick it needs to get back on top of your industry. We are hugely excited to announce that New Wave Media has gone through some changes and come out on the other end with a brand new look that reflects our energy, passion, and innovation.

Rebranding New Wave Media

As a marketing agency, we want to inspire creativity and innovation for our clients. After 11 years of New Wave Media and our beloved beach themed brand (which by the way came from our owner sitting on a beach in Hawaii), it’s time to re-introduce ourselves.

We are New Wave Fresh Strategic Marketing.

There are several things that inspired the rebranding of New Wave Media, most notably is that our beach brand was reaching the end of its lifecycle. That beloved brand was created in 2010 but things have changed at New Wave and in our industry since. Although our core values remain the same, fueled by strategy driven by results, we have matured over the last few years to a point where sipping margaritas isn’t our style. We’re more into bourbon on the rocks and fine wine.


In October 2017 we moved from an industrial area where our walls were plastered with beaches and palm trees to a trendy office space in downtown Calgary. This move shook things up. It inspired new creativity and fresh ideas that have helped our clients grow and mature to a point where we looked around and realized that we had done the same. Our new brand reflects our growth and maturity, saying goodbye to laid back sun soaked beaches and hello to a fresh spark of energy and innovation.

Top 5 Reasons A Business Will Rebrand:

The business has a new CEO or President

When there’s a change in leadership at a company, usually the new leader will have a different vision for the business. With a change of mission comes the opportunity to refresh a brand and create something that reflects the change in leadership, values, and principles.

Your Brand is Tired

When a brand or business is old, it can become stagnant. Rebranding is a great way to re-engage your audience, remind them that you are creative and innovative, and get back in front of the eyes of your target audience.

Change of Audience

If a business decides to move in a different direction and target a different audience, rebranding helps to refocus on a target market and gives the opportunity to tailor specifically to that market while putting less emphasis on what marketing tactics worked for the past audiences.

Differentiating From The Competition

When an industry becomes saturated it’s important to stand out. If your brand has been around for a while it could blend into the background. Modernizing and creating something new and fresh will help potential clients or customers find you and give you a leg up on the competition.

Bad Reputation

Businesses are crippled by a bad reputation. Rebranding could be the only option to mitigate and ward off any negative associations it’s currently facing. When rebranding because of a bad reputation, it’s more than just changing the logo, it’s creating internal changes to reflect new values and standards that the company stands for.


Do one of these reasons speak to you? If you’re playing with the idea of rebranding your business, let’s start the conversation.

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